Could Insurance Issues Weigh On Florida Legislature’s Agenda?

Fort-Lauderdale-Insurance-PolicyGary Farmer, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat and first-year senator, has been involved in the fight over assignment of benefits for the last five years. He was previously president of the trial lawyers’ organization Florida Justice Association, as the attorneys pushed back against proposals to restrict property owners’ ability to sign over benefits of their insurance policies to contractors.

A Fight Between Insurer’s and Trial Lawyers

This year, Farmer is a sponsor of the attorneys’ proposed fix countering insurers’ latest proposal that would deny legal fees to predominant attorneys representing contractors working under assignments.

The assignment of benefits issue is considered to be the most important insurance-related issue that is currently up for debate. Many are anticipating the outcome of this debate come this spring. There are many more insurance-related issue on the agenda as well.

Other Insurance Issues On The Plate

Fort-Lauderdale-InsuranceMany other insurance issues are on the watch this spring. Lawmakers are expected to look into personal injury protection also know as PIP. Some other topics will be allowing health insurance customers to sue their HMOs, prevent health insurers from dropping drugs from coverage lists in the middle of policy terms, plus many other issues that have been the center for conversation. No one knows what will come of these issues. Only time will tell if things will change or remain the same. 

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