Plumber from Texas sues Ford and Automation when his Truck with business logo ends up with ISIS

When a Plumber in Texas painted his logo on his new  pick up truck he had no idea his brand would become associated with ISIS.  Mark-1 Plumbing out of Texas City was inundated with threatening phone calls after the image below surfaced in the news.  He filed a lawsuit against the Ford dealer who he sold his used F-250 to. The Plumber, in addition to being the target of numerous threats, was also the subject of a political parody by comedian, Stephen Colbert.  According to  his complaint, Ford represented that it would remove his firm’s logo from the truck. The Plumber has asked for damages of 1 million dollars.


An ISIS video last year showed fighters firing from a truck belonging to Mark-1 Plumbing.

Negligence can encompass all sorts of events and is not just limited to rear-enders and slip and falls.  Here, the purchaser of the Plumber’s truck is alleged to have a legal duty to remove the seller’s logo before it was resold and failed to do so.  Some how it ended up in the hands of jihadists.  This makes you wonder about how about how one of America’s most iconic trucks ended up in the hands of ISIS.

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