Ubiquitous Red-light cameras come to Fort Lauderdale

800px-Japanese_car_accident-thumb-800x450-thumb-333x187The ubiquitous red-light camera has arrived in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale city officials announced that the cameras are being installed in a number of active intersections throughout Fort Lauderdale.

In case you haven’t heard, red-light cameras are installed at various intersections and are intended to photograph cars which run red lights. The photographs show the car’s license plate, but not the driver. Beginning in September, red-light runners in Fort Lauderdale will receive a $158.00 fine. According to Fort Lauderdale authorities the cameras will be in operation 24 hours a day, and warning signs will be posted that the intersection uses photo enforcement.

In addition to raising city revenue through fines,the installation of red-light cameras also serve the purpose of deterring would-be red-light runners because these drivers will no longer be able to count on the absence of any police cars to justify ignoring red-lights.

Opponents of red-light cameras cite privacy concerns and have met with some success in challenging their constitutionality based on technical grounds. They also argue that since the cameras can only photograph the license plate and not the drivers that an injustice may result since someone other than the owner may be driving.

For the years between 2004 and 2009, traffic accidents resulting from red-light runners in Fort Lauderdale resulted in 26 wrongful deaths. These photographs have tremendous evidentiary potential in personal injury and wrongful death cases where it is alleged that one of the drivers ran a red light. Frequently, both sides point to the other as the violator and there are no independent witness to support either side. Of course, attorneys will need to be able to get these photographs and access to them will create a whole new set of legal issues.

The following intersections will have red-light cameras:

N. Federal Highway at N.E. 8th Street

N.E. 15th Ave at E. Sunrise Blvd.

SR 84 at SW 9th Ave.

W. Sunrise Blvd. at N.W. 15th Ave.

W. Commercial Blvd at NW 21st Ave.

S. Fed.l Highway at SR 84

N.W 62nd Street at NW 9th Ave.

W. Commercial Blvd. at N.W. 9th Ave.

N.W. 62nd St. at N.W. 31st Ave.

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